Monday, 22 July 2013

Strippy scraps - Monday Group Quilty Friends - it's still hot, hot, hot here.

A few of us managed to go to a local quilt groups exhibition last Thursday.
Penarth Quilters. We had a lovely day. There were a few quilts that took our fancy.
Which included these strippy quilts.

The one second from the left and the larger version on the far right. 
Below is a 'poor' close-up of the smaller one.

I knew I'd seen this somewhere in a book I had. And yes, a version of it is in
A passion for Patchwork' by Lise Bergene.  
The one in this book is made from 1930's reproduction fabrics.

It's such a simple idea - and the quilts were really eyecatching.
We thought it a good idea for using up scraps.

The strips on the smaller one were five and a half inches and the width on the strips varied
from 2" to 3".

We thought it would make a lovely baby quilt if made in 'baby' scraps.
It's quite wonderful how the sashing brought all the pieces together.

Sew, that's another project to get started on - we'll see......

Now onto our ongoing logcabin quilts.
Peggy had decided that she needed some more hand quilting on hers.
So she has made a start....
Doesn't it make 'all the difference'
Beautiful work Peggy.
And here is a close up of Peggy's hand quilting

As I read somewhere,
A quilt is not a quilt until it's quilted

I'm sat in the garden writing this. But I think I had better go in now.
The wind has changed.
The clouds are moving in.
It looks like the thunder storm we were promised is moving in.

Bye for now,
Yours in Stitches, Joy 


Helen McNaught said...

I'm sure we could all manage a strippy scrap quilt Joy! Good news..... finally got around to getting the sashing on my Aussie Log Cabin, just one row to finish stitching and then to decide about a border. Not enough scraps left to do a scrappy border and I think it needs a solid fabric for a border as I've used cornerstones in my sashing. Might just have to pop out to the LQS today and see what I can find:-) photos soon!

Helen McNaught said...

Oh, and I meant to say what beautiful hand quilting Peggy does! perfect! really sets off her quilt beautifully,

Have a lovely day!

Joy Morgan said...

Ah, more fabric buying, wonderful. I expect I'll have to buy some more fabric for the borders of my scrappy quilt (when I make it).

Deborah OHare said...

Missed this again!

Ros said...

I've seen that sort of design with Liberty fabrics and it looked stunning, really set off the fabrics with a calico sashing. Funnily I've just cut 6" squares to do a Liberty/calico cot quilt....
Peggy's hand quilting is really beautiful, and so is the Log cabin.
The comment box opened in a new window this time....!

Joy Morgan said...

Yes Ros I've changed the comments to open in a new window/box. Because some peoples comments were disappearing. And I am told this should fix that. Fingers x

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