Friday, 5 July 2013

Kickback Friday -

Hello there my Quilty friends. We have a multitude of pictures today.

First I'd like to share with you a couple of pictures of our new puppy - Daisy.
She obviously heard the weather forecast for a sunny weekend
So she's picked the best seat in the garden to enjoy it - the garden swing.  

She's also been enjoying the flowers.

 What have I been up to this week - well I made this photo album cover for a friend.

Hang on I'll just get the actual picture up for you to see....there it is
 This was actually last year in Zante (same people though). There was a slight shower so we girls sheltered in the beach huts. I love this photo - and think it looks supper in sepia tone too.

On a more somber note,
I have also been putting together this morning a batch of 16 baby quilts for the Berievment Midwife who will be calling in today to collect them for Sands memory boxes they give out at our local hospital.
So thank you to my Quilty friends who made them. I know it's a very sad subject, but the feedback let's us know that these quilts have been a great comfort to the mothers.

 Back to Zante 2013 now.
Here we are, all 12 of us on the road train around our resort.
 This one looks like I'm skinnydipping!
But as you can see - I wasn't
Mind you it looks like I'm just about to be run over by a boat!
And can you see how near I am to the beach.
The sea was this deep within two or three steps off the beach.

The front of our hotel

 And saving the best bit for last
This picture as taken about 15 minutes after
our son Craig had proposed to his girlfriend Hayley
on the beach at sunset.
Congratulations Craig & Hayley

Lots of you have enjoyed reading about Win's mother's 100 year old quilt in Monday's post. And if you haven't seen it, it's well worth you scrolling down to the next post to see.

And as it was Glastonbury music festival last week here in the UK, I'll leave you with a performance from that:  I give you The Lumineers with Hey Ho.
I love the girl in the crowd with a daisy head wear - very Hippy

Well that's it from me today,
wherever you in the Quilting world enjoy your weekend.
Speak to you all again on Monday.
Yours in Stitches, Joy 


Helen McNaught said...

Lovely post Joy! how wonderful! an engagement! congrats to Craig and Hayley. I guess a Wedding quilt is going to be added to your sewing list!

Great holiday pics! that water is so beautiful!

Joy Morgan said...

The wedding will be next year sometime so I have a little time to play with. And the water was fabulous.

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