Thursday, 11 July 2013

Insights - Kickback Friday

Insights, we've all had them - but I've been waiting ages for mine......

I'm quite thrilled that I now have access to my Insights on my Joyofquilting Facebook Page - this doesn't mean I can suddenly see into the future, or that I even have any idea of what you are all thinking - but it has been quite a revelation to me.

I needed 30 likes on my Joyofquilting Facebook Page to gain access to my Insights and I had been on 29 for weeks, maybe even a month or so.

It was so tempting to ask one of my friends to go and do the dirty deed and click that 30th 'like'.

But I wanted to earn my 'likes' good and proper, and last night it happened.

I had ordered a customized set of crochet hooks from Nicola at Unique Handmade Crafts. And in response to my email and comment thanking her for the beautiful hooks Nicola took a look at my Joyofquilting Facebook page -AND SHE LIKED IT!

And as a fellow Facebook page owner she knew that her like had taken me into the heady stratosphere.... that magic Facebook page number of 30, and into Insights.

Well, I was so excited that I was going to look at my insights (figures on how many people looked at, liked, shared, etc my posts.)
And truth be know, they weren't brilliant - single figures lots of 0 and 1's nothing over 9.
I had a bit of a 'lightbulb' moment when I did the tour of Insights.

I suddenly realised how important 'Likes'  'Comment' and 'Share' are.

Now don't get me wrong, I do my share of Comments, Likes and Shares, and I follow quite a few blogs.
And I know from experience that 'comments' are a joy to receive.

Then Ping, it suddenly hit me, that clicking Like, Share, Commenting, Following etc. are the very lifeblood of this cyber community.

I think in a way I kind of knew this but perhaps hadn't thought about it much.

I suppose it's like being in a room full of people who are quietly listening and watching what one or two people are doing, but not joining in  - as opposed to a room full of people who are sharing experiences, chatting and becoming a group of friends.

It suddenly became very clear to me that as we Comment, Like, Share, Follow etc. on 'tinternet we join other like minded people and start to grow our own little Patch.
Pretty much like a good Quilt Group really.

So I suppose my message today to myself really, is - join in more often.

So if I have a question or an opinion - I'll comment
If I like something - I'll say so (like) it.
If I really like something - I'll share it or start following it.
And if I don't like something, I'll simply move on and find something I do like.

And remember you can click on my 'pink links'

And now for something completely different.

We had a rush of blood to the head on Sunday and 'impulse' bought a Trailer Tent.
So todays Music Video is......Trailer for sale of Rent (King of the Road)

Josh Turner and Randy Travis 

Yours in Stitches, Joy


Deborah OHare said...

You are very insightful Joy.

Ros said...

Well done!
Loved the video... off camping in this superb weather?

Joy Morgan said...

Not quite - trailer tent being delivered over weekend.
Obviously I loved this video too. I'd never heard of Josh Taylor or Randy Travis but they do a cracking version of this song. I've listened to it a number of time already.

Joy Morgan said...

Update on my insights: as my Quilty Friends have responded to this post on Facebook I've had a further 'insight'. Now I can see what's happening, I can see that although a number of you had 'liked' this post on Facebook only one of the likes showed up on my Joyofquilting insights. Are you still with me? I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't got a clue what I'm rambling about because I've spent hours this morning trying to work it out myself. Anyways, the long and short of it is that most of the stats were going against my personal Facebook page and not onto Joyofquilting. Phew! I think, I hope I've sorted it out now - off to lay down in a dark room now to rest my weary brain cell! Oh and Thank you to everyone who comments,likes,shares or follows me.

Anonymous said...

If you can't work it out, sure I sure have no clue. Need to rest my only brain cell after just reading this. My DH bobbing around the kitchen whilst listening to the video,dish cloth in hand{well trained!}. Great voices. Happy camping even if in the garden for this week end.

01 10