Friday, 26 July 2013

How not to make a baby quilt - Kickback Friday

OK, what have I been up to this week? Well since Monday anyway.

I've got on with a baby quilt I'm making.
It's not my best work - I'm not totally happy with it, but I think it's looking better than it did on Monday.
That's not a compliment mind!

How not to make a baby quilt.
Now don't get me wrong.
I like all the fabrics in it.
But I realize now that I should have put something plainer in between the strips.
Or done something entirely different with them.

The multicoloured strips were bought as a  pack of two and a half inch cut strips.
Each of them is quite beautiful - but stitched together it's just too much.

I put the green strips in to calm the quilt down a bit - and it did to a degree(ish).

I then added the baby's name - but that looked too much on it's own.
So I appliqued little motifs from the strips onto the green to balance it out.
By this time I didn't know if I was making things better or worse!

I bought all this fabric a couple of weeks ago especially for this baby quilt and as you know my quilty friends
it's quite an expense. Not that I mind the expense if the quilt looks beautiful.

Sew my question is.
Where do I go from here?

Do I take it apart and try to make it into a better quilt?
If so how?  Any suggestions will be gratefully received.
Do I carry on regardless?
Or do I bin it and start over?
Here is a close-up of the quilt. See what I mean - why couldn't I see this was a bad idea to begin with?

Just because I bought the strips as a pack and all the colours co-ordinated. Doesn't mean they would work well just stitched together.

The only part I'm truly happy with is the fabric I bought for the back of the quilt.

Do any of you remember the song 'A froggie went a courting and he did ride, a sword and a pistol by his side.....

Anyways, over to you now my quilty friends. Please help.

And now for this weeks music video. Well, I had a wander through youtube...

I looked at the obvious - A froggie went a courting, High Hopes (because I had high hopes when I started this quilt), I looked at George Michael, (you gotta have) Faith. The Beatles, Help.

Nothing was grabbing me.

And then I just happened upon this.....Cat Stevens now know as Yusuf Islam, singing Father and Son.
I love this song.

It has nothing whatsoever to do with today's post....
I played it, all the way through, and thoroughly enjoyed it, it calmed me down and made me forget about 'the baby quilt'. And at the end I wanted to clap - always a good sign I think.
I hadn't seen this version before so it was a real treat.

I just loved Cat Stevens.
And now I'm thinking about Teaser and the Firecat. Did any of you have that album?  Back in the day.
I played that album 'till it wore out.

So, click here, sit back, listen and enjoy.

This week the computer says we have to click on this link and then click on the link that comes up below it.....Don't ask me how these computer things decide how they are going to work. All I know is that once you get used to using the computer it changes something - ah well, I suppose it keeps my brain cell busy.
(yes my quilty friends, I think I'm down to one brain cell now.)
Update....just click on the link and it went straight to the video this time......whatever

'till next week,
Yours in Stitches, Joy


Ros said...

Bring it on Monday, lots of "single" brain cells together may come up with some ideas tho' I think it's quite pretty.

Sally said...

I'm sure the person you made it for will love it ,also when its quilted it will be lovely, you are worrying too much !! xx

Jean said...

Testing testing 123.
I think my comment went to Joy of Quilting blog in America.

Joy Morgan said...

Maybe all the missing comments have crossed the Atlantic!
Maybe someone very confused receiving all my messages.
I know the missing messages have confused me.

Elizabeth Curtis said...

This isn't the one you binned is it. It looks lovely as does everything else you do.

Joy Morgan said...

Yes Liz this quilt is no more. It's bin and gone.

Joy Morgan said...

Yes Liz this quilt is no more. It's bin and gone.

Joy Morgan said...

P.s. you can see the beginnings of the new baby quilt on Joyofquilting Facebook page.

Ros said...

What have I missed... Did you bin the green Millie quilt?

01 10