Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hand Quilting & Pieced Backs - Monday Group

Hello there my Quilty friends from a hot South Wales, where I am sat in the garden writing this post.

We did some hand and machine stitching in class today.

Firstly here is picture of Judith's baby logcabin quilt all finished.
 Isn't it just adorable and suitable for a Bouncing Boy or a Bonny Girl.

  This is Judith's second logcabin this year. The first one isn't quite finished yet. The top is complete but Judith didn't have quite enough of her backing fabric - so we improvised, and she now plans to add another fabric down the middle of her backing fabric to make it large enough. There is an excellent free class on Craftsy called Creative Quilt Backs which shows you how get around this problem in a very creative way.  And it's well worth a watch, so click on the 'Pink Link' above and enjoy.  

Peggy brought in her logcabin quilt which is almost complete now - she's just sewing the binding on.
And these are close-ups of Peggy's hand quilting on her log cabin quilt.
This one is of the border.
And this one shows one of her quilted flowers.

And just to remind you this is Peggy's logcabin quilt.

I need to go and get on with my logcabins now.
Yours in Stitches, Joy


Helen McNaught said...

Me too Joy! the rows are looking at me every time I walk in to my sewing room! I just need to do the sashing! We have a very cold day here, might do some sewing later. I've just set the fire, now to invent some dinner! Judith's baby log cabin is so beautiful! All of the quilts are beautiful!

Joy Morgan said...

Thank you Helen. We are having opposite weather to you. It's too hot to spend much time in my attic sewing room. so brought a machine downstairs today...hope to get some stitching done in the cool.

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