Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Spotlight Wednesday–R & R

Hello there my Quilty Friends. Todays spotlight is on R & R – Rest & Relaxation.

My D.H. has the next two weeks off work – we are both in need of a little R&R.

Some time to ‘just be’.  To empty our heads and relax the body.

You may have noticed that I have already started to empty my head – in Monday’s post I upgraded Deborah O’Hare’s Bird House project into a Tree House Project.

Sometimes my brain gets too full and information starts falling out of my ears and I talk a little jiberish, or Joyspeak as my friend calls it. This also happens when I get overtired or overexcited.

I am also directionally challenged – I can quite happily tell you to turn left while pointing right. There is a story about that when driving with my Sister in law. She said “turn left”, and as I started turning right she added  “no, the  other left”.  And I know which hand is my left hand (I’m left handed remember) so that’s my most important hand. But there seems to be no connection between my left hand and my brain.

Sew, l’m looking forward to my break. I’ve told my hubby I’m not going to sew – but already I’m having withdrawal symptoms  - a kind of itching of the fingers just thinking about no stitching.

Anyways, I’m not planning on posting but don’t hold me to that either. I will be on-line now and again, and I may feel an urgent need to share something with you all during the next fortnight.
I know it’s not Friday but as I’m clocking off today I’d like to leave you with a little light music.

Jack Johnson - Constellations - very relaxing - just click on the Pink Link

And I’ll be back soon all Rested and Relaxed and full of Inspiration
Yours in Stitches, Joy


Elizabeth Curtis said...

So looking forward to our week together in the sun.
I will be VERY surprised if you haven't got any sewing with you, it will be a first. I can vouch for Joys and left and right. I'm that sister-in-law and Joy led me onto the I4 in Florida, not knowing where we were going to end up. lol

Joy Morgan said...

Well Liz I have to confess I have packed my travel sewing tin into my suitcase. I feel better just knowing it's there.
Ah yes the I4 in Florida (think M4)- it looked like the turn off for the camera shop car park to me, well until we were suddenly in four lanes of fast traffic. But we lived to tell the tale.

Deborah OHare said...

Have a great break Joy!

Ros said...

Enjoy your R & R.

01 10