Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Spotlight Wednesday - Thread ends

Hello my Quilty Friends, today we are looking at thread ends.

You know the threads at the beginning and end of your work.
What to do with them.
Do you simply cut
Bury them?
What about fabric glue?

Today I've posted a video to talk you through how I deal with my thread ends.
I know this seems a simple thing - but things are only simple when you know how to do them.
Sew - weather you want to know how to deal with your thread ends, or are simply curious how I do mine.
It's only a two minute video, so take a peek.

Yours in Stitches, Joy


Helen McNaught said...

Hi Joy, another great video... thank you!

I do both... bury and snip! I always start off using the same method as you, bringing the bobbin thread up to the top so I have those two threads to bury in later but at the end of a row of quilting I use my auto-cut button on my machine which leaves just a smidge of thread on front and back. My grandmother taught me to always leave a little bit of thread as once washed, it tightens up and you don't see it after a while - something I think is useful for children's quilts that will be washed over and over. I do this for my hand embroidery as well, just leave a little end of thread. The only thread I would not use this method with is monofilament or nylon,as that can be quite sharp if left.

Ros said...

Another excellent video Joy, now to find out how to do stitches in the same place....! I usually tie the loose ends together before threading through.

Joy Morgan said...

Two good ideas there ladies. Thank you both. Isn't it good that we can exchange thoughts and ideas. I'm going to give them both a try.
Ros - to do stitches in the same place look to see if your machine has a stitch securing function (most modern ones do). If not you can reduce your stitch length to 0 and stitch a few stitches before you begin. Just remember to put your stitch length back to normal to sew.

Helen McNaught said...

If I'm making a quilt for a child and I guess we know that it will be washed zillions of times, I actually do a couple of backstitches at the beginning and end of a row of quilting, I know it's not usually the done thing in quilting but as we know the quilt will get rough and tumble care, at least the stitches won't come undone! On wall quilts, I do what Joy said.... reduce the stitch length for about a 1/4", that secures the stitching nicely and I bury the threads both at the beginning and end of quilting rows as the wall hanging obviously won't be getting washed a great deal there is no point in leaving the little thread ends.

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