Monday, 10 June 2013

Monday Group–All quiet on the Western Front

We had a very quiet day in class today. I must admit I was quite happy about that, as I’m feeling rather lazy after my hectic week last week and the lovely hot weather we are enjoying at the moment.

A few of us were finishing off the Treehouse wall hanging we did in Deborah O’hare’s work  shop last Friday.
The one on the left is mine, a work in progress.
 And the one on the right is Deb’s original Treehouse. (b.t.w. the two little fingertips you can see holding Deb’s quilt are Gaynor’s).

I didn’t mention on Friday that not only is it Deborah’s design and workshop – but, and here’s the bit us Monday ladies really love, all the fabrics are hand painted by Deb herself.

A number of us have a  stash of Deb O'Hare's beautiful hand painted fabrics.
It’s well worth taking a look at Deb’s blog
and Etsy shop, to see her fabulous work.

Another reason I think it was quiet today is that lots of us have now finished or are coming near to finishing their log cabin quilts. So, I suppose it’s time to start planning our next project.
Any suggestions my Quilty Friends?

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Yours in Stitches, Joy


Helen McNaught said...

Sounds like I had better get a move on with my Log Cabins... the rows are still up on the design wall awaiting their sashing!

Deborah OHare said...

Always a pleasure Joy!
B.T.W. that would be Bird House not Tree House. I am laughing thinking about us all trying to get in through that small entrance!

Ros said...

How about some of our UFO's....

Joy Morgan said...

Don't panic Helen - mine are not finished yet either. And I will be posting as a go along. But I am starting to think about our next project. I think Ros's idea of UFO's could be good. It will give us some breathing space between projects too. More on that soon.
And Deb, I'm quite tickled too that I've turned your Bird House into a Tree House. That's quite an upgrade there!

Joy Richardson said...

Back again after my holiday in Australia. Have been having a catch up on what you have been up to while I was away. Sounds like you also had a holiday too Joy. From the pics I saw on Facebook L couldn't work out where you went but the sunshine looked good. There are always UFOS to work on over here. Monthly our quilting group have a UFO weekend at the local College, using the sewing room. Great to be able to spread out with our sewing, chat as we sew. We all take our lunch and take it in turns to provide cake or biscuits to enjoy with our tea/coffee.
Later this month I am going to a Quilting Symposium in Taupo, Centre of the North Island of NZ, very near mountains and snow. And we are in the midst of winter - that says it all. I am booked to do 3 classes, more about after I come home again.

Joy Morgan said...

We went to Zante - one of the Greek Islands.
I'll be posting more pics on kickback Friday.
Remember to take some pics for us to see at the Quilting Symposium in Taupo. And we'll look forward to seeing what you get up to in your three classes!

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