Thursday, 6 June 2013

Kickback Friday - Beach Babes & Buttons..

This week has been a busy week for me    –  Monday Group where we played with the Marbling4fun kit we bought in Malvern last month.
Then off for a quick swim and sauna.

Tuesday we had a sit and sew morning. Nice and easy does it.
Just a few hand stitches stitched in between tea, biscuits and laughter.

Wednesday was to be swimming but got cancelled so I took myself off to Aberavon Beach with my cameras and my folding bike.
This is the lovely path and cycle track which runs all along the sea front – On a glorious summers day - Bliss.

Thursday we went to a fund raising day for The Quilters Guild of the British Isles Museum, where a goodly sum was raised towards funds.
I did my bit and bought not once, not twice, but three times from Wendy & Eileen who had some wonderful goodies to tempt us with.
Wendy had made this rather nifty Beach Bag using a hessian bag and adding the voluptuous beach babes and fabulous fish lining.
And as I’m soon to be away on my holls, and I felt I had to help the fund raising, it is now My very own Beach Babes Beach/Pool Bag.
I also got carried away with the beautiful buttons Wendy was selling, and after my third visit to her table my button collection for the day was complete.
I must confess these are just a selection of the buttons I took home with me. 

And today, Friday,
we have a workshop with Deborah O’Hare
where we will be making her beautiful blue
Bird House.

But more on that next week.

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And I leave you today honour of my upcoming vacation and my brand new Beach Babe Bag

Beach Baby a classic from good old 1974.
Enjoy, and
As always
Yours in Stitches, Joy


Karen Small said...

Hi Joy, loved the vid.,me and my friends were 15yrs young and used to sing this all the time,wishing we were at the beach instead of school exams.Now, can anyone remember the name of the band? A fat quarter to the 1st one to tell me( no cheating).love Karenxx

Ros said...

Hi Joy,
loved the video!
Good class today and fantastic food!
Now do I finish the Bird house or the "Butterfly Quilt"...

Joy Morgan said...

As for the name of the band - obviously I know because I posted the video. But I would never have guessed it.
Glad it brought back happy memories Karen.
And Ros finish the Bird House - because it won't take long, but then again I don't know how near to the end you are with the Butterfly Quilt.

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