Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Spotlight Wednesday - No Comment

Welcome my fellow quilters, today I’m going slightly off topic. But it will help us all eventually I think.
It’s about how to make comments.

In actual Monday class this week one member said she wanted to tell me she was really enjoying my videos and had tried to make a comment on the blog. But couldn’t seem to work out how to do it.

There followed a chorus of people saying me too….
I said I wished I could be in their homes to see what it was they were doing so I could help them – and it’s been  worrying me ever since.

Sew, I thought next best thing – perhaps I could show them how to make comments.
I hope that those of you who have no problem with this don’t mind me being a bit off topic.
AND you may even be able to make suggestions which will help.

Perhaps you comment in a different way or on a different operating system.

Just having a different point of view from mine could make all the difference to someone who is stuck - commentless.

So hopefully between us we can get more of our quilty friends commenting – which will be brilliant for us all.

Here’s the video please watch and more importantly MAKE COMMENTS (nice/constructive ones would be most welcome – but even an Hello would be a breakthrough!)

And, I just had a thought. If people are having problems making comments - have they worked out how to read the comments that are there? Anyway, watching the video will show you how to view the comments too.

Sew, you mission today my quilty friends - should you choose to accept it.
It to attempt to make a comment on this post.

Fingers crossed that this helps my commentless friends X
But please don't spend hours on this and beat yourself up if this doesn't work for you.

Yours in Stitches, Joy


Jean Pitman said...


Joy Morgan said...

Brilliant Jean. There'll be no stopping you now.

Jean Picture said...

But I've lost my picture!! Do I have to join Google to get it back?

Ros said...

Video was excellent, your instructions are very clear as always, so I think I've got the hang of it too.

Joy Morgan said...

Yip, looks like you have, well done Ros.
I think Jean the picture you are talking about is your facebook profile one.
Your name is here, but if you want a picture too. Yip google.
My comments show my google+ picture.
But don't worry about it Jean, I'm just thrilled you can start commenting.

Joy Richardson said...

Very clear Joy, hope everyone can make their comments now.
Has your Spring weather arrived yet? We still have very warm and sunny weather here in the northern part of NZ but in the deep south of the South Island they are expecting the first snow this weekend.
Quilty hugs everyone :-)

Joy Morgan said...

It looks like we are going to skip spring this year and go straight from winter into summer. Warm enough to sit outside this afternoon.

Chris said...

Hi Joy Commenting as requested. I bought today two 100grm balls of aran wool blend ready for Tuesday complete with a 4.5 crochet hook. Looking forward to Tuesday

Joy Morgan said...

Thanks Chris. I'm getting things ready for Tuesday. 10.00 o'clock start.

Peggy Peters said...

Hooray. Thank you Joy. How dim was I?

Joy Morgan said...

It's only easy when you know the answers!
Well done Peggy - I'll expect lots of comments now.

Joy Morgan said...

It's only easy when you know the answers!
Well done Peggy - I'll expect lots of comments now.

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