Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Spotlight Wednesday - My Videos

Well Hello my Quilty Friends,

I hope you all had a good Bank Holiday weekend.
Or just a good weekend if there was no Bank Holiday in your patch of the world.

We did have some sunshine and I spent a lovely afternoon out the garden hand stitching.

But back to normal now. And this weeks spotlight is on My growing video collection.

I didn't intend making videos for my blog when I started.
I very quickly realized that it was far more effective to 'show' you what to do than to try and write it out.
as I routinely show or demonstrate techniques in 'Actual Monday Class',
Seemed natural for me to video myself showing you how I do things.

In fact, for me it feels just the same as being in Monday Class showing someone a patchwork or quilting technique. And although I'm on my own I feel as though I'm talking to some lovely friendly if not rather quite quilters.

And I have recently realized that I need to give you all access to the full list of videos I've made in one place. So you can dip in and out as needed.
For future reference, I've just put a link to my Video Channel on Youtube onto my
Hints, Tips & My Videos page. 
So that will be a permanent and easy way to access my Videos.  
As a quick short cut now, Click on this Pink Link to take you to my Video Channel on Youtube.

I'm loving the way my blog is evolving and growing. It's a bit like my quilts. I start off with an plan but along the way new ideas often appear and I'm never quite sure if they were mine or the quilts.
I usually go with the flow and have great fun playing with the new ideas to see if they will work.

And I just hope you are having fun and enjoying playing with me here on my blog.

Enjoy the videos,
Speak to you again on Kickback Friday,
Yours in Stitches, Joy


Helen McNaught said...

Love all of the videos Joy! ..... now that's something I've never been called......... QUIET! ha ha ! Hubby says I can talk under wet cement!
I'll be back sewing my Log Cabin blocks this weekend, promise!

Chris said...

Hi Joy
Love the videos and the blog, keep up the good work.

Joy Morgan said...

Thank you both - my D.H. went to a big quilt show (Festival of Quilts Birmingham) with me once and he couldn't get over the noise that thousands of quilters made. He said it sounded like a gaggle of geese!

Ros said...

I just love the way quilts "evolve" on their own (with a few ideas from all you lovely quilty girls)

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