Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Spotlight Wednesday – Friskers Gadget

Today I’m going to show you my bargain buy from last weekend at Swansea Quilters.
We had a charity day and on Karen’s stall I found this little beauty.

A strange little object made by Friskars and a bargain at 50p
It houses a pull out tapemeasure and  little gadgets in each end.
One end we have a dowel, a quick unpick, a knitting thing and a stuffing tool
And in the other end is a needle threader, a tiny tweezers and a baby magnifying glass.
There is also a magnet and a safety pin.

I've just been doing a little research on-line and it's called
Friskars Sewing Multi Tool - 12 in one

It's sold as an Essential product for sewers and quilters!
And I was most amused by the descriptions of the tools.
It's worth clicking on the pink link above to read them.
For example a Quick unpick for removing unwanted stitches....duh..

It's selling for £14.99 so I had quite a bargain at .50p

Have any of you got any multi tool sewing gadgets you'd like to share with us?

Yours in Stitches, Joy


Sally Byrne said...

Hi Joy,
Love the gadget, very handy.. Btw the make is Fiskars,

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy I have had one of these for years and as you say very handy they also make one that is very similar for paper crafts I have that one as well. A great bargain for 50p though.

Chris said...

lol the anonymous was me Chris i hit the wrong button lol

Joy Morgan said...

I'm hoping to be able to share the email Karen (who sold it to me) sent to me. I feel a bit guilty after reading it. So watch this space.

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