Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday Group – Machine Quilting in the Ditch

Good morning/afternoon/evening my Quilty Friends, today I’m going to explain and show you how I machine quilt in the ditch.

Sew, for the first time we are going to get machine stitching on our quilts.

Quilting in the ditch is a wonderful tool to have in your Quilter’s Toolbox.

Sometimes it’s all you need in a quilt. Particularly if the fabric and the blocks are the stars of the quilt you are making, and your quilting just needs to be functional.

This is Terry's logcabin quilt top.
This quilt would suit in the ditch quilting - I would quilt around the outer edge of each block.
What do you think? 

This is a close up of Terry's quilt top. Showing off the detail in the borders,
where Terry has used the scraps left from the logcabin blocks to great effect.

Sometimes it can be the ‘foundation’ of your quilting. Holding your quilt together unobtrusively and giving you plenty of opportunity to play with your machine or hand quilting in other areas of your quilt.
And that's what I'm doing with my half logcabin quilt - pictures next week.

This is Lyn's logcabin - we were auditioning borders.
We thought the thin dark inner border and the
wide outer border worked well together. 

Sorry this post is later than normal.
Sometimes the world conspires against you,
and over the last few days it didn't seem to want me to work on my blog!
And when I finally managed to get this post almost finished,
last piece in the jigsaw being uploading the actual video of quilting in the ditch
the computer says no.  Apparently it can't find my videos.

After repeated attempts and trying the tried and trusted turn the computer off and then back on to see if it will forget it had a problem, I've had to think of another way to post my video this week.
Not to be outwitted by a computer I'm posting my video
via this link - Sew click on the pink link to watch this weeks video lesson (hopefully)

Back on subject now....
This is just the first step on our machine quilting journey together.
And I am looking forward to building up on our quilting skills as we make more quilts.

That's it from me 'till Spotlight Wednesday,
Yours in Stitches, Joy


Helen McNaught said...

Hi Joy! what a great idea that fabric crayon is!! never thought of that so thank you for the wonderful tip.

I almost have the sashing on my Aussie Log Cabins, will post about that soon,
Cheers from Helen

Peggy said...

Well I'll be jiggered Joy, loved that little trick you showed us on the video. Guess who has fabric crayons on her Malvern shopping list!
Terry's and Lyn's quilts are both really lovely and think quilting in the ditch would be good on both as the fabrics are so pretty.

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