Friday, 24 May 2013

Kickback Friday

What have I been up to this week.
We went to visit Daisy earlier today.
Daisy five weeks  And I must admit, to the untrained eye this looks like last weeks picture of Daisy.
But she is definately 11 days older in this picture.
I’m sure she is looking a little wiser or is it grumpier than she did last week.

Anyway she is running around now. And was very interested in chewing my finger and trying to get into my handbag. But she’ll have to wait a few weeks yet before she can jump into my bag to come home.

And just in case you think I’ve lost the plot – no I haven’t had a Daisy tatoo on my wrist – it’s a watermark on the picture.

Back on subject, well almost.
At Swansea Quilters last weekend my very clever Quilty Friend Cath, who has had her head turned by the ‘ hook’ and has been busy crocheting a quite splendid Patchwork throw.
We are not allowed to knit or crochet in Swansea Quilters – so we had to quickly take these pictures.  Although we had decided that if we were questioned we would say ‘Well it is Patchwork’.

DSCF1337   DSCF1338
Looking at these photos now, it looks to me like the one with Cath in is the cover of a book – in fact I’d buy that book.
Cath was more than happy for me to post these pictures on my blog but insisted I credit Attic 24.
Cath said she got her inspiration from there. And I'm more than happy to recommend Attic 24 as I also follow that blog AND it's where I got the pattern for my Wavy Crochet blanket from.

Well. I’ve been a good girl in that I haven’t started any new projects since going to Malvern last week.
As I am sure we all do. I promised myself I couldn’t start anything new until I had finished one of my U.F.O.’s
Although not much stitching has been done by me this week.

And mentioning U.F.O.’s reminds me .
Joy Richardson or New Zealand Joy as I like to call her sent me a list of Quilters acronyms,

I expect you knew
BOM = Block of the Month
I hadn’t heard this DSM before, 
DSM = Domestic Sewing Machine
And I derinately hadn’t heard a FART – so that’s what I went on last week when we went to Malvern!
FART = Fabric Acquisition Road Trip

Joy sent me a whole list of acronyms – I’ll reveal one or two each week here.

But if you can’t wait and want to read them all now click on this pink link which will take you to my FaceBook page where I have just posted the whole list.

This week I've driven my D.H.'s car quite a bit (it's really overdue a carwash Keith).
Anyways, he has a cd player in the boot that holds 12 cd's and they haven't been changed, well ever I don't think, and we have had the car 8 or 9 years now. It's been like a blast from the past listening to these cd's  (My car is mainly a Jack Johnson zone).

So my choice for this weeks youtube music video is, and I'm dedicating it to my two granddaughters Ashley and Alissa.
When they were little we used to drive around in that car playing this track full blast, we would be singing along and doing the actions the car would be shaking. Shalalalala, it was such fun.

However, when I just watched the video for it - I can't quite believe I let me two little granddaughters watch it. Well they seem to have survived it. So this week I give you:

The Vengaboys - Shalalalala
Warning, it's not for the fainthearted or men with a heart condition - I think. p.s. I love the 'fight' scene.

Well that's all from me this week folks!

No Monday Class next week
It's a Bank Holiday,
Speak to you all on Spotlight Wednesday,
Yours in Stitches, Joy


Sally Byrne said...

Hi Joy,
Tell your Friend Cathy , that is an amazing throw,, would love to make one..

Chris said...

Hi Joy you have made the magazine again this month with a photo of yours truly. Is that my friend Cath Lawrence holding that stunning crochet quilt? Well done Cath

Joy Morgan said...

Sally, off you go to Attic 24 - that's where you'll find this type of quilt and lots of other crochet goodies to temp you to 'the hook'.
And Chris it is your friend Cath Lawrence - such a clever girl - as you all were who completed the C&G course.
I was the drop out:(

Deborah OHare said...

Thanks for sharing Cath's blanket. I am off to watch this video,

01 10