Friday, 10 May 2013

Kickback Friday - More Welsh Quilting

Hello my Quilty friends, Firstly I have to mention the weather.
I’m sat here looking out the window and I’m quite dis-heartened.

Now I know us Brits are renowned for talking about the weather – but – our weather is so unpredictable.

And I can feel a weather rant coming on…..

We had such a lovely weekend last weekend we really thought that Winter was finally over and we were going to miss Spring and jump straight into our Summer.

Wrong - in four days we have gone from Winter to Summer and now it feels like Autumn.

We put our gazebo up in our garden on Friday and took it down again Monday evening.
And good job too.
We knew we were in for some rain, fair enough.
But the wind today is horrendous. It feels more like autumn cold damp and very very windy.

 I’ve just driven back from me and Gaynor’s pool/gym/sauna session (still keeping to our twice weekly sessions) and crossing the bridge over the river Neath estuary was quite hair raising. My car was buffeted about like a little toy car in the wind, I was glad to get home safe and sound.
I've just been watching the news and the winds got up to 70 miles per hour today - and I can tell you it felt like it too.

It’s hard to believe just a couple of days ago I sat out in the garden, under the gazebo to shelter from the heat ‘till late evening sewing. Ah, this is the life I thought.

OK British weather rant over – Sew what have I been up to this week.

Well, remember my Welsh Quilt that had been to a local Quilters Guild exhibition. I’ve had it back now.
And when I went to see the exhibition I felt my quilt needed just a little more quilting.

See the leaf shapes, well at the time I felt the space inside those leaves was a good place to ‘rest your eyes’.
But when I saw it hanging those leaves were not a good place to rest your eyes – they were a place that ‘drew your eyes’ to the fact that there was no quilting in that space. So I’ve been itching to have the quilt back (I could quite happily have taken it down from the exhibition there and then to add the extra quilting).

Anyways. I’ve got it back and so that is what I was quilting out in the garden.
I've stitched some curly swirly shapes in the leaves now. That's better.

Well there was no actual Monday Class, it was a Bank Holiday.

We did have a sit and sew morning on Tuesday though.

Ros was asking for quilting advice for her Log Cabin quilt. She has machine stitched in the ditch around the blocks and wants to put some hand quilting on it now.

We are not afraid to mix hand and machine quilting on the same quilt in class. In fact that way you can often get the best of both worlds. It just depends what the quilt asks for, and of course what you prefer to do.
For Ros's quilt the machine quilting was the backbone and the hand quilting will be the icing on the cake.  Pictures soon.

There was also a discussion about tying quilts. It seems tying is a bit like marmite – you either love it or hate it.
I fall into the love it camp. Not that I use that technique very often, but occasionally it’s what the quilt calls for.

In Spotlight Wednesday this week I asked for comments about Joyofquilting.

So far I’ve had one comment – thank you Chris.
I know you don’t all get the time to catch  up everyday – but I’d really appreciate it if some more of you would comment.
It will help me plan the future of Joyofquilting. And get an insight on what I’m doing right or wrong.

Isn’t it strange. I sat down this afternoon not knowing what I was going to write about, but once I started I was away – in fact I’m thinking now shut up Joy your just prattling on.

Mostly I plan ahead and know what I want to say, particularly for Monday Group.
And other times - usually on Kickback Friday I struggle to start looking back over the week, but then I get started and - shut up Joy your prattling on again.

Anyway, I enjoy both. The former because I’m so excited to be sharing something I can’t wait to start typing and the latter because who knows where we will end up.

Right that’s more than enough from me today. I’m off now to find you a nice piece of music for you to listen to.
It’s Jack Johnson – Pictures of People.
From his To The Sea album - I listen to this a lot in the car because I love my cameras and I like to take 'pictures of people taking pictures of people, taking pictures of people taking pictures.'

I must say I particularly liked the picture taken from the reflection in someones sunglasses. I'm going to try that - oh and the Toad - nice Toad.

Yours in Stitches, Joy


Joy Richardson said...

Enjoyed reading this and listening to Jack Johnson.... As for weather, us Kiwis talk about the weather a lot too as it can change so quickly. We have had winter arrive within a few days so seems like we are a bit like you.

I have been away for a week, went down to Gisborne (6 hour journey from here) to spend time with 2 of my sons (Kevin and Jeff) and their families.

It is Mother's Day here tomorrow so will be having lunch with another son (Gary) and his famiy then dinner with daughter Robyn and her family.

This morning I am off to do duty on the raffle table at the Counties Manukau Patchwork Guild quilt exhibition at Papatoetoe Town Hall - this is in outer Auckland. A friend is coming with me as she is also a widow and the weekends can sometimes be long for her. I havent had a chance to see any of the quilts so am looking forward to wandering round having a look.

As for your quilt, the extra stitching in the leaves really does add to it's beauty. Funny how sometimes we can't see something that needs adding till it is hanging up for the world to see.

Really enjoy your blog so keep it going Joy.

Quilty hugs, Joy

Ros said...

The Welsh quilt looks lovely with the extra stitching Joy.
No progress on the log cabin hand quilting yet as I'm concentrating on the Butterfly quilt. I took some of that apart when I got home on Tuesday, 'cos I wasn't happy, funny how long that takes!
We've got the heating back on it's so cold and miserable, hope those few good days were not our combined spring and summer.

Chris said...

We have had the heating back on as well, I like Joy sat in the garden and did a little sewing thinking this is what i love in the garden a little sun on my back a glass of wine and sewing in the hand. Very short lived. LOL I have done well with the Tunisian Crochet lost a few stitches along the way don't know how it happened. I am now trying to loosen up a little with it,I had to take the bobble of the end as what i feared happened the cat thought it was his latest toy. LOL Look forward to Monday

Joy Morgan said...

Thanks for your comments ladies. It's lovely to hear what other quilters are doing. And it seems to be very much the same thing the world over, quilters are such friendly people.
We had our mothers day a couple of months ago, but would have very similar celebrations.
And our heating is back on here too.
Looking forward to seeing how your Tunisian Crochet Chris. Will have to post some pictures for everyone to see.
I'm going this morning to 'view' a I may have a little helper with my quilting soon.

Peggy said...

The welsh quilt looks really beautiful. the additional quilting is just right and it would be good to see it in class again please.
As for comments on your blog, I can only say that I enjoy what you do already and think the balance between information, teaching videos and chat is about right. I love the informal flavour of it all.

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