Friday, 3 May 2013

Kickback Friday

Not such a productive week for me this week.
I’m exhausted with me and Gaynor’s new keep fit routine.

Going swimming twice a week and using the exercise bike (very short bursts) feels good at the time, but my eyes are closing very early in the evenings, and there’s not much go in me in the afternoons either.

Never mind onward and upward as my D.H. would say.

I had pre-ordered, months ago, a new book ‘Quilting on the go’ which arrived this week.

I’ve been busy reading that and as instructed in the book have put myself together a small tin. (which will easily fit inside my handbag).
With everything I need inside to turn any wasted few minutes into a stitching opportunity.

A kind of quilty version of a quick-draw cowboy/gunslinger.
Possibilities are popping into my head of quilt-offs where quilters try to outstitch each other – by managing to quilt something while in the checkout line or queuing to use the loo.
As I write this it’s just dawning on my how my quick quilting tins could be mis-interprited.
Hang on there – I’m just going to take a couple of pictures for you to see what I mean.

 SAM_1623 (1280x720) SAM_1622 SAM_1624 (1280x720)
I neither drink Graham’s port nor have I ever smoked cigars. But it could look a little suspicious when I whip out my port tin and my cigar tin while in the Doctors waiting room.

I don’t think I’ve thought this through properly, BUT my name is Joy Morgan and I have a compultion to collect/save any useful looking containers - you just never know when they will come in handy.

It seemed like such a good idea at the time to ask my brother for the cigar tin he was about to throw in the bin, (I  could see even then that it would make a very nice home for needles).
And I think the Grahams port tin was a Christmas present my husband got years ago, which has been waiting patiently in my sewing room to find it’s new purpose in life.

In the book she suggests using a tin pencil case for this purpose – that would have been the sensible thing to do.
But I had these tins sitting in my sewing room……just waiting to be used.
And to be fair to them they do fit the bill perfectly.
Other than that, I have also managed to start quilting my half log cabin quilt – but more of that on Monday.

I’m off now to have a glass of port and a cigar – at least that’s how it’s gonna feel when I take my stitching opportunities while out and about.

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend
Yours in Stitches, Joy


Helen McNaught said...

Hi Joy! I'm feeling the same as you! only doing a half hour walk around our tennis court each morning but I find myself asleep at the tele way before bedtime! and no sewing done either! but last years trousers now fit, so that's a good sign:-)

I'm off for a visit to the seaside tomorrow. Going to see my sister and have some girl time.

Looking forward to seeing your quilting,
Happy Sewing,

Joy Morgan said...

Hope you take some pictures at the seaside - I'd love to see where you are going. Enjoy your day out - when you fall asleep tonight in from of the tele you'll be what I call 'beach tired' - that's tired and happy after a good day out at the beach.

Ros Morgan said...

Oh Joy, I'm so pleased there's another tin hoarder out there! Mine are hidden in the loft where the OH doesn't venture....
Had an injection in the base of thumb today so no stitching for a while, but I'll catch up on reading magazines instead

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