Friday, 17 May 2013

Kickback Friday – Malvern Quilt Show, Daisy & a Space Quilter

Hello and welcome my Quilty Friends to this weeks Kickback Friday and a look back over my quilty week.
Firstly, to those of you who haven’t yet me her. Let me introduce you to Daisy.
We went to see her for the first time last weekend.
She was just four weeks old then.
So I have to wait a little while before we can bring her home.
She’s going to be my new Quilting Apprentice. I don’t think I’ll  have to train her to ‘test’ the comfyness of my quilts.
But I’ll have to train her in her other quilting duties which will include keeping me company in my quilting room and listening to my ramblings.

The big quilty news this week was our trip to Malvern Quilt Show on Thursday.
We shopped,                                                      


And shopped,


Had a quick look at the quilts on display - sorry no pictures - I was so over excited all day that I forgot to take pictures of the quilts.


We ended our day with a well deserved ice-cream before getting on the bus to come home.

And here are my purchases from Malvern
I'll be telling you in detail more about my purchases (which included a marbling kit) over the next couple of weeks.

Also in the news this week First Quilter in space, click on the pink link to read more….

Brave lady indeed.

Song for the week this week…Well - I couldn't resist it could I
Daisy Daisy.....Don't blink or you'll miss the crochet bicycle seat cover!
Well that's it from me this week,
Have a wonderful weekend,
Speak to you on Monday.
Yours in Stitches, Joy

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Joy Richardson said...

Loved the Daisy song, cute little kids.
I know what you meant about not taking photos at the display - same with me when I went to a quilt exhibition last weekend. Winning quilt (decided by popular vote) was a poppy quilt with cream background. Large red poppies were attached by needle applique and all quilting was done by hand too. Would have looked nice on my bed!

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