Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spotlight Wednesday

Todays Spotlight was going to be on Visiting Quilt Exhibitions but due to my quilting friends confusion on 'tinternet,
Today I'm putting the spotlight on trying to explain  the difference between
my Joyofquilting Blog
and my
Joyofquilting Facebook page

In an attempt to untangle the confusion that seems to have arrisen amongst some of my followers.

As some of you are quite new to the world of blogging and facebook. It's understandable that there has been some confusion.

Firstly let me explain to you what a blog is. I did a search on google and this came up as the definition of a blog:

A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.

OK that's simple enough.
In my case, my blog 'joyofquilting' is written by an individual - me - Joy Morgan.

As my blog is an individual blog only I can make posts (this artlice is a post) and only I can post (put) pictures onto my blog.

You, the reader can make comments on my posts (articles). And comments appear at the bottom of each post. (article)

When you are reading this - you are doing so on my blog 'joyofquilting'. You'll see towards the top left hand side of your computer screen something like this:

Note is says blogspot, or blogger this shows you you are on my blog.

OK that's my blog explained - next facebook definition.

Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch ...

I created a Facebook fan page to compliment my blog.

The reasons I created a facebook page for my Joyofquilting  blog are:

I want my blog to be like a virtual quilt group where my followers can feel part of a group.
I want my blog to be interactive with my followers and  to give people a place where they could upload their own photos of their quilting work.
And that place is facebook.  So you can post your own pictures on my joyofquilting Facebook page.


When you are on joyofquilting Facebook page you will see Joyofquilting plus:


towards the top left hand corner of your computer screen, obviously that tells you you are on facebook.

Phew....still with me.....

OK just a little bit more information for you.

You can jump back and forth between my blog and my facebook page.

From my blog - simply click the Facebook link on the right hand side to take you to my facebook page.
From my facebook page - click on any of the links in MY facebook posts named
Monday Group, Spotlight Wednesday or Kickback Friday. To take you to my blog.

And finally.....

You don't need to be my friend on Facebook to view my joyofquilting facebook page. I've made it open to the public - but you do need to have a facebook account to view it.

I hope this helps my confused friends understand where they are. I only wish I could reach out through the screen to sit beside you to walk you through it.

I off out now, my d.h. has a week off so we are going our for a run (in the car) I'm taking my camera so hopefully you'll get to see pictures on Kickback Friday. 
Yours in Stitches, Joy     



Lorna McMahon said...

Hi Joy, I am your newest follower.... And got here from your facebook page. Sew it's working!

Joy Morgan said...

Thank you so much Lorna. It's such a boost for me to get feedback, sew I know things are working.
So far me and Chris have been trying to iron out some teething problems. I'm learning on the job. And enjoying it sew much!

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