Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Pressing Matters

Full sized or travel? That is my question.

I enjoy pressing my fabrics, my blocks, my quilts. I find it most relaxing and rewarding.

What are your thoughts on patchwork pressing?

If you have been watching my videos you will have noticed that I press each piece as I go along.

Stitch, trim, press, stitch, trim, press.

I think because I trim and press at each stage my work always looks neat, and almost finished. Which somehow gives me a sense of pride in each stage of my work.

Let’s take a look at some pressing (I know, I’m sad – but I want to encourage you all to press as you go).
SAM_1571 (1280x960)
This is the back of the Courthouse steps block we made a few weeks ago.
SAM_1572 (1280x960)
And here is the half log cabin from the back.
How sad am I – I find these pictures give me a great sense of satisfaction.
And this is the front of a series of a Half log cabin block at each step in it’s creation.
All lovingly stitched, trimmed and then pressed as each ‘log’ strip is added.

So to get back to my question. Travel or full sized?

Well, I’m a travel girl myself. I find my travel patchworkers pressing machine is the perfect size to handle quarter inch seams.  And as I press my work at each stage. I am never trying to press a whole quilt.
SAM_1570 (1280x960)
Here is my travel size Patchworkers pressing machine.

You may have noticed my quilty friends that I have managed to write this post without using the term that would be used to describle what I am taking about in a ‘housework’ context. No, no, no – don’t say it…..I know your thinking it, but lovingly pressing your work is nothing like that at all.

Sew, what are your thoughts on this pressing matter?

Yours in Stitches, Joy


Helen McNaught said...

I have a few pressing machines. One teeny tiny one, one mid sized and one for the bigger jobs - it has a fan blower on the pressing machine board too and continuous steam when I need it! I usually take the mid sized one out when I do classes and I use it at home too and I use the teeny tiny one when I'm out and about with my appliqué work (yes, coffee shops don't mind if you plug it in!!). So why don't I use it at home? no idea! I'm going to set it up tomorrow when I'm sewing! I usually press after each stage too Joy. I don't use steam until I'm actually pressing the whole quilt top. So......... press on!!

Joy Morgan said...

Ah yes Helen, I forgot about the teeny tiny one for applique. I don't have one myself but some of my friends have and they love them. And one with continuous steam eh, impressive. Anyway must press on;) Speak soon, Joy

Joy Richardson said...

One of the first things I learned when I became addicted to patchwork was to press each seam as you go, makes the seams lie flat and sit better as you stitch the next piece to it. One class I did several years ago the tutor suggested finger pressing seams and only press with an iron as each block was finished. That to me is a messy way of doing it and getting up and down to use the iron is good exercise.
Like you Joy, I too like the look of my work when it is pressed. I have a travelling iron but must admit I havent used it for quite some time, mainly because I find it isn't as hot as a normal iron - is this common do you think?
Must go, have a pressing engagement. :-)

Joy Morgan said...

I totally agree Joy, I only finger press in an emergency! Don't like it.
As for the heat on a travel 'patchworkers press' I've recently had a new one as my old one died. And my new one is not as hot as my old one. I have to have this one on full power to press my work. I'll be taking more notice of the heat settings with the next one I buy. Must go, pressing matters to deal with.

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