Monday, 29 April 2013

Layering your Quilt Monday Group

Good Monday morning my Quilty Friends,
First I have a picture from last Monday’s class to share with you.
This is Terry’s log cabin quilt.
Terry was not happy with the scrappy log cabin blocks she made.
But is much happier with the quilt top now that she has ‘pulled all the
blocks together’ with the blue sashing.
It looks lovely Terry.

This weeks video is on layering your quilt top with the wadding/batting and backing, ready for machine quilting.

Sew, how do you put you quilts together?
I use the table for small/medium sized quilts, and the floor for large ones.
Where do you put yours together?

 Today's video is brought to you with the help of
The Owl and the Pussycat
William and Bagpuss.

I pin quilts that are going to be machine quilted.
Hand tack quilts that are going to be hand quilted.

Do you pin baste or tack?
Do you use a tacking gun?
Something completely different..
 A mixture like myself?

Hope you enjoyed todays post,
I'm looking forward to finding out how you all put your quilts together.

Yours in Stitches, Joy


Helen McNaught said...

Terry's quilt is lovely! great video too! My friends and I always pin baste - we only machine quilt, no hand quilting! Sorry Joy, still no sashing on my log cabins, soon I hope! I've washed the fabric and it does look good with my blocks.

Joy Richardson said...

I agree with Helen, Terry's quilt is lovely and the blue sashing makes the blocks stand out.
Pinning a quilt - I use pins every time and start pinning in the middle of the quilt, smoothing out as I go. For close machine quilting the pins need to be as close together as you have done Joy but otherwise a fist width between pins is acceptable.
Really enjoying your video tutorials Joy so thanks.

Joy Morgan said...

Hi Both, it's lovely to hear what others do. And don't worry about being slow Helen - as long as you enjoy the journey.
And Joy, it think I did go a bit overboard with the pinning - I think I got carried away with the videoing.
I didn't intend making a video every week - but they are proving popular and I am enjoying them so much.
Mind you I get most of my comments in class. It seems that many of the class ladies have tried but been unsuccessful in managing to post comments. I can feel a video lesson comming on!

Joy Morgan said...

Hello this is me making a comment

Ros said...

I tried the gun, but it was such a faff to get the little things out, so I tried 505 after Asding's first talk, it's OK when it suitable to be used but no good for Project Linus or baby quilts. back to tacking now...!

Joy Morgan said...

I never got on with the gun, they either kept jamming on me or I kept finding the plastic tags still hiding in my quilts for months and months after. And not keen on 505 either so it pinning or tacking for me.

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