Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Group – Adding quilt borders

Good Monday morning my quilty friends. Today I’m going to show you how I add borders to my quilts.
SAM_1563 (1280x960)
Now that I have put together my blocks and added the sashing the time has come to add my borders.
There are some basics to understand in putting on borders – and I’ll show you these in the video.
I hope you are enjoying the videos. I am certainly enjoying making them. I just wish I could spend more time with you all.
But I am very aware of time with them. I’m trying to keep them as short as possible. Two reasons:
One – not to lose anyones attention (bore you).
Two – I am restricted to a maximum of ten minutes (you-tube).
It’s strange but when I finish making each video it feels as if a friend I have been talking to has just left.
It feels quite lonely in my sewing room after you have all gone.
Sew, here is this weeks video.
Yours in stitches, Joy


Joy Richardson said...

Once again I have enjoyed visiting with you Joy, giving me different memories of you other than our time with you and Keith at the Mumbles back in '02.

Seeing you measuring up ready for putting borders on makes me realise how slack I have become when stitching borders on. Used to do it but these days dont bother and fortunately the quilts do come up the right size with no wavy edges.

Weather must be warming up for you too - I see you arent wearing any woollies today. Opposite for us, I have had to wear an extra layer today but it is still warmish at 21 deg C.

Joy Morgan said...

Yes, a heady 9 degrees today! So wollies away and threequarter sleeve tops on now!
And I do really feel that I am talking to you all when I make the videos. I'm loving the close connection we are all getting. You are indeed lucky (or skilled) with your borders Joy. I've had to make my wonky log cabin borders fit - there has been some easing or fabric involved. Probably because my log cabins were cut at an angle to make them wonky. So all my outside edges are bias cut and rather stretchy. I'm off out swimming now. Dr's orders - to stengthen my back/hip. Enjoy the last few warm days of your 'Autumn'. Yours in stitches, Joy

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