Friday, 26 April 2013

Kickback Friday

And time to take a deep breathe in and……relax.

So what have I been up to this week.
I have been given two lovely presents.

I mentioned last week that I was going to buy myself a little ‘teapot for one, which included a cup’. As I prefer my tea out of a pot.
My friend Sue said don’t buy one, I have one you can have.
SAM_1574 (1280x960) SAM_1575 (1280x960)
And true to her word brought me this.
Isn’t it just adorable. There is enough in the pot for one cup plus a top up of about half a cup.

Thank you Sue – I’m loving using it.

And, in an effort to get more involved with The Quilting Bloggers site, I promised myself I would enter  pictures of some of my quilts in a few of their weekly show and tells.

As the theme this week was Wall Hangings, I decided to enter a picture of my wall hanging, The Cockle Pickers.

This is a quilt I made many years ago at a workshop with Jean Griffiths, who then lived in Penclawdd where you could see the cockle pickers from her studio.

I decided it needed more quilting on it. So I spent Wednesday night and all Thursday morning working on it.
I was quite pleased with the results. BUT it did not photograph at all well. I took loads of pictures on all kinds of different settings, but not one picture did my quilt justice.
SAM_1585 - Copy
See, it's ok but.....
... but in close up this quilt looks heaps better.
I can't just enter a close up picture,

And so, not wanting to break the promise to myself, I took a picture of a very simple quilt I’d made of sheep.
There really was not much to this quilt at all – BUT it looked great in a photograph. So I have now entered my ‘Sheep’ wallhanging into the weekly show and tell on Quilting Bloggers. 

If you would like to see my ‘Sheep’ Quilt click on this link (the link is live now). You will need to scroll down the page a bit to see the quilts. I've just taken a look and voted - you can vote for up to six quilts! The lady in red was one of the ones that took my fancy. And it's a log cabin block too.

I have also joined a gym this week – yes you heard right.
It was Doctors orders.
I had to leave actual Monday class early to go to my hospital appointment.  The outcome of my visit was that the Dr. highly recommended I go swimming regularly to strengthen my back and hip muscles. Which in turn will help with pain and weakness.
On Tuesday I went swimming with my quilty friend Gaynor, and on Thursday I joined the Sebastian Coe Health Club. So the plan is to cycle or swim twice a week, to get fitter and loose a little - ok quite a bit of surplus weight.

Then, we shall be so fit we will have the energy to stitch more and faster - double bonus.

Well that’s the plan…..I’ll give you updates from time to time. Maybe even the odd picture. Maybe...

I have also been working on my logcabin quilt tops. Which are now almost complete.

We have been  busy plotting and planning our entries into The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham.
More on that over the next few weeks.

My second gift is called William.
SAM_1566 (1280x960)
And as you can see he is already working hard in his new position as Chief Pin Cushion in my sewing room.

Jean bought William for me at the Quilters Guild A.G.M.
Sew, thank you Jean.
Aren’t I a lucky lady.

Now, before I go – here is this weeks ‘Share a Track’ link.
And in honor of me and Gaynor's swimming antics today I give you...
An Incy Wincy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikinee.
It involves stitching, so look out for ideas and brings back memories of 50/60's style holiday camps.

Sew, click on the pink link above and enjoy.
Let me know what you think.
And to put your minds at rest,
 you won't be seeing pictures of me and Gaynor swimming in any of these. 

Yours in Stitches, Joy


Helen McNaught said...

1,2,3,4... tell the people what she wore! LOVE IT! and weren't those contestants clever with their designs!!! I think your Cockle Pickers wall hanging is wonderful and I will be sure to check out your Sheep one too! I too need to lose some weight, I've done two 30 minute walks since hubby left for overseas and hope to do a walk every day. Trying hard to eat healthy too :-( Sewing day tomorrow!!


You make me feel tired just reading what you have done this week. The Cockle Pickers wall hanging is wonderful, why don't you just put it in, they surely can see that the crinkles are the picture. I have seen it some time ago and it is really good.


My sister Pauline would love the teapot, I like it but only ever drink coffee and the owl is awesome.

Joy Richardson said...

Loved the Cockle Pickers, am sure the stitching will show up OK and in an exhibition it will do well.
Also liked the bikini competition, think the guys should have been made to model them too seeing they helped make them!
The owl pin cushion is real cute - had actually noticed it on one of your sewing demos the other day.
Enjoy your weekend.

Joy Richardson said...

PS - I have 2 of those little teapots with a cup - both came from granddaughters. One is black/white and the other has pink flowers on it with a silk tassel on the teapot handle.

Joy Morgan said...

Thank you ladies. You are all quick of the mark this morning/evening. I love the thought of the teapot with a silk tassel on the handle.
When I found that video on youtube last night - I thought it was just perfect for us.
Enjoy your sewing day tomorrow Helen. Remember to take some pictures. And I'm sure your quilty friends will enjoy the Yellow polka dot bikinii too. You can show them on you 'tea' break.

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