Friday, 19 April 2013

Kickback Friday -

Good morning Quilty Friends.
Time to sit down for ten minutes with your favorite tipple, (mines a cup of tea, milk and no sugar) relax, and check out what I have been up to this week.

Continuing on my quest to become a blogging ninja, I have been trying to master the art of watermarking my photos.
And I have to say a big thank you to Helen who has been my watermark mentor this week.
She also explained to me how to blog from my own computer programmes. In my case Windows live writer. So this post is coming to you via that (hopefully).

I know you may not give a hoot how it’s done. But I’ve spent a lot of my time this week learning the magic of Windows live writer. And I know I’m sad, but I’ve been thrilled with what I have found out and learnt. And of course you will all benefit in the long run, if I know what I’m doing here in blogland – and yes, I can hear the sound of your laughter;).  But I'm learning all the time.

As for my logcabin quilt, I’m in the same position as Helen at the moment. We have both finished making up our logcabin blocks. And I am in the process of adding the outer sashing. (Video on outer borders in next Monday Group).
I hope you are suitably impressed by the watermarks (Joyofquilting)

I’ve also started a new crochet project. Here is a picture. I’m on row 13 of I think 23 rows. If all works well it’s going to be someones Christmas pressie.  At the moment it’s going through it’s Starfish phase.
joy (1280x960)  

And in Actual Monday Class this week Jean brought in the lovely house quilt she made at a workshop with Laura Wasilowski while at the Quilters Guild of the British Isles A.G.M.  at the beginning of the month.
Looking good Jean – both you and the quilt.

And finally one of our members, Chris, brought me in some books on The Amish as she knows I love reading about the Amish culture and their quilts.
Below is a picture snip-it from one of the books.  Amish Portrait by Walt Mauer.  Thank you Chris, I shall enjoy reading these books.
SAM_1560 (1280x960)
Well, I think your ten minutes are up now. Especially if you clicked on any of the pink links.

But wait, I've just had another idea. I love music and this track was just played on the radio as I'm writing this. And I wanted to share it with you.

It's Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars - click on this link to watch/listen to it - remember you can skip the adds at the begining.

I think I'd like to 'share a track link' with you every Friday.
Don't worry it won't be playing in the background.

You choose if you want to click and watch the kind of music I listen to while sewing.

So off you go back to work, stitching. I’ll speak to you all again on Monday.

Yours in Stitches, Joy


Helen McNaught said...

Thanks Joy for your kind words re the photo watermarking and the link to my Blog! Pop on over to my blog ladies and say hello - I would love to meet you all! I just LOVE my log cabin blocks and can't wait to get them sashed and bordered. I will do my own free motion quilting. I would NEVER have started this quilt without your encouragement Joy, so thank you!! It's always such fun to sew with friends:-) I know my blocks are a scrappier version of a Log Cabin block, but what a great way to use up all of that fabric!!
Joy, your Log Cabin quilt is looking fantastic! I love the sashing with the flap .. might play around with that idea for my quilt too.
Have a great day!! (it's Friday night here.... footy on the tele.... so I'm playing in blog-land! ... so my tipple is a glass of red!)

Deborah OHare said...

I want to know how you have added a pin it button. I have been trying to do that for ages!

Joy Morgan said...

I have heard Helen, that a glass of red wine helps with the free motion quilting - so keep one to hand ready for the quilting. I hope my followers will click on the link to visit your blog. If they like my blog they'll love yours too.

Deb, it took me ages to get a pin it button that worked on my blog. I'll go and look back to see if I can remember where I got the info from.

And to you readers, as well as Aunty Hennys (Helen's blog)
Deb's blog The Blue Hare is a must look. A link to Helen's blog is in this post. But they are both also in my list of blogs that I like on the right hand side - up a bit, up a bit more....and click.

Joy Morgan said...

Deb, it was Code it Pretty - I've just emailed you a link.

Joy Richardson said...

Love your log cabin quilt Joy, I have used the flap method on sashing in the past so must do it again. Gives another dimension to a quilt block. As for the crochet, well done. I have tried crocheting in the past but it is just not my forte, so have decided to give it up as a bad job. Knitting is my thing and at present I am taking a break from baby knitting and am knitting slippers for some of my grandies.
Thanks for the music clip......

Joy Morgan said...

Sorry Joy, I replied to this post (using my mobile) and just noticed it's not here.
Basically, I was saying I prefer crochet to knitting but I think talking to others there seems to be a split. Usually you love one or the other - maybe we are born with either a needle or a hook gene;)
I'd love to see pictures of your knitted slippers.

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