Friday, 5 April 2013

Kickback Friday

This week I've been thinking about which way to quilt my logcabin quilts. Hand quilting or Machine quilting - or even a bit of both. I have no problem mixed the two together when I feel it's appropriate.  Below is a picture of Joan's 'Wavy' Log cabin quilt, which she has handquilted beautifully. And we'll look at the quilting in more detail in a few weeks. I just want you all to start thinking about quilting. Because - A quilt is not a quilt until it's quilted! But also I don't want you to panic about quilting if it's new to you. We'll take it a step at a time once we've put our log cabin quilts together in a few weeks. We may even look at tyeing a quilt.

I also visited Aberdare Museum where one of my Welsh quilts and some of my friends quilts are in a display put on  by Region 12 of The Quilters Guild of the British Isles
 This is, from left to right. My Welsh Quilt, my D.H. Keith and my friend Gaynor's Welsh Quilt.
Having seen my quilt in the exhibition I feel I need to do just a little more quilting on my Welsh Quilt inside the large leaf designs - I think I'll do a big curly S. So I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it again soon.
And below is my friend Jean's 3D flower quilt.
in the same exhibition.  
 Jean's 3D flowers quilt is the one that she had packed very carefully to protect her 3D flowers and I walked into (can I just add a completely empty room at the time) class and plonked my heavy bag down on top of her precious  3D package.
It survived as you can see and looks quite majestic.
I even think that maybe the little bit of flower pounding I did actuall enhanced it somewhat! 
 And being in a museum I couldn't help taking pictures of a couple of things that jogged my memory.
Yes people my memories now belong in a museum.
Firstly the co-op bike - I can remember running up to our local Co-op saying my mum's divi number over and over in my head.
And below. Well isn't it surprising the things you had forgotten all about.
I remember my mum having these. The curlers were on metal spikes and you had to wait until the red dot at the top of each curler turned a very dark colour before the curlers were hot enough to use.

I've just finished next Monday Group's video. Where I show you how to stitch together blocks into rows and then stitch the said rows together. And then we can start putting the quilt together and start the quilting!
Looking forward to speaking to you all on Monday,
Yours in Stitches, Joy


Anonymous said...

Is that your original folding bike?

Joy Morgan said...

Sadly no - but it would look rather splended in the garden I think.

k morgan said...

good day in aberdare

Chris said...

I used the heater rollers that you have shown there up to the time i had my hair cut just before Christmas, I loved them used them every day. Great invention. LOL

Joy Morgan said...

Can you still buy them?

01 10