Friday, 12 April 2013

Kickback Friday - Doughty's Fabrics

Well hello there my Quilty Friends. What have I been up to this week?
Well, actual Monday class was good. Peggy started putting her logcabin quilt together. It's looking rather stunning and the backing she has chosen is such a perfect match. I didn't think to take a picture of the back but trust me it's lovely.
Here is Peggy tacking her logcabin quilt in class on Monday.

On Wednesday, we went to Ystradowen where Doughty's fabrics were holding their road show. They have a shop in Hereford, but they also go around the country holding one day events where they set up 'shop' on a village hall or similar.

We arrived at about 11.00am and had difficulty parking. It was so busy. And of course being a hall full of quilters there was tea, home made cakes and plenty of catching up to do with other Quilty Friends.  We spent a very happy hour or two perusing the fabrics.

I had meant to take pictures, but got so over excited and involved with the fabric and other quilters that I quite forgot about my camera. I would have loved to have shown you a picture of all the quilters milling about - most of them clutching a block or piece fabric that they were trying to match up.
And of course I couldn't help myself - I had to try and help my fellow quilters on their fabric quests.
Eventually, I bought some bamboo wadding and a metre of this fabric to use as the sashing in my wonky logcabin quilt.

 Remember I showed you the 'wonky' logcabin blocks I made from a jelly roll I had. Well I decided to use a second jelly roll - which I had won in a raffle to make the back of the quilt.
So it will be a double sided or twofaced quilt. That's the plan anyway. So I've been making the blocks for the second side.

Here you can see I've started stitching the sashing on.

I've made 16 blocks so it'll be four down and four across - sounds a bit like a crossword!
This is my first row of four blocks stitched together with sashing.

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed the thin strips of brown fabric each side
of the sashing. This is a little 'insert' I've put in because I felt it needed just a touch of
a solid colour to calm down the clash of patterns between the blocks and the sashing.

I had originally planned to use the solid brown as the sashing, but  when I laid it up against a few of the blocks, I felt it was too heavy. It brought the quilt down - and made it look, well a bit depressed. And nobody wants a depressed quilt do they?  So now it just has a touch of brown or depression, which I think works well. 

So that's me up to date with you all at the moment. How are your logcabin blocks coming along? Have you started them? Are you happy with them? Do you need any help with them?

And remember, there are many different ways to do everything including making logcabin blocks.
I show you they way I do things. But if you do things differently that's fine too. You can still join in  with us. You'll still be making a logcabin quilt.

In next Monday's Class I'll be showing you how to do the above, (that's stitching sashing onto your blocks and rows). So best I go upstairs, upstairs and get on with it.
Yours in Stitches, Joy


Ros said...

The narrow brown really sets the sashing off!

Joy Morgan said...

Yes Ros, it really does. And I'm putting a picture in tomorrows post of with and without the brown sashing to you can see the difference it makes.

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