Monday, 18 March 2013

Monday Quilt Group

Good morning, today we are going to make a Courthouse Steps Logcabin sample block. We are building on what we learnt with the basic Logcabin block last week.
I find when people actually make a small sample they not only get to grips with the technique more easily, but when they decided to use that technique hours/days/weeks/months/years later. Although they may have difficulty remembering just how to do it, their actual sample seems to get the old grey cells working again.
So if your new to logcabin I do recommend you make up the sample blocks. Please let me know if you need any help - I'll try my best to help you.

Beginners I haven't forgotten about you either. I want this to be a reflection of 'actual Monday Group' and in actual class we have all different levels of quilters and we try to help everyone as best we can, changing gears to suit each persons stitching abilities. And the beauty of that is that members also help and encourage each other. And also it's a joy for me to see people progressing on their stitching journey.
So, If you are 'just looking' or think you might like to have a go at this patchwork/quilting malaky.  Join in with our little group and let me know if you need any help or advice and I'll do my best to help and encourage you.  Actually the new Facebook link I've added should work well for that purpose as others could also make comments and suggestions there.
I'm thinking of adding a beginners page too - what do you think?

So, here is this weeks video A Courthouse Steps Logcabin sample block, enjoy.

Yours in stitches, Joy 


Joy Richardson said...

Once again an excellent tutorial from you Joy - thanks. Off to quilting group now ..... Tues morning here down under.

Joy Morgan said...

Thank you Joy. I'm really enjoying making them.

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